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PVC Fence Arbor

No.1 Fence Installation Company Weston, CT

Experience the best in home security and style with H&M Fence - the premier CT fence company. We provide exceptional fencing services in Weston, CT. With years of experience at hand, our team of passionate experts delivers top-grade fencing systems.

At H&M, we are confident and proud of our knowledge of fencing materials and building techniques. You will be offered expert guidance through the selection process with personalized recommendations. Get the best solutions that can co-exist with your ideas and possible options like wood, vinyl, aluminum, or cable rail systems.


As one of the best in Weston, CT fence company, we deliver exceptional results to countless customers. Customers from the surrounding areas have also relied on our trusted services. Choose H&M Fence - the trusted Weston, CT fencing company.

Trash Enclosure

Aluminum Fence

Picture having fencing that's both stylish and tough. Our aluminum fencing gives you just that. These comprehensive fences are sleek, modern, and are built to last. No need to worry about rust or weather damage—our aluminum fences are designed to stand strong against whatever nature throws in the way. Plus, these add a cool, contemporary vibe to your property.

deck fence

Deck Fencing

Elevate the safety and beauty of your existing deck and outdoor space with our deck fences. These fencing installations bring a practical, durable, and delightful solution to your architecture. With our Weston, CT fence company, you get both safety and a cool look for your outdoor hangout spot.

Wood Fence

Add a traditional yet lasting beauty that never goes out of style to your existing deck with our fencing services Weston. Our wood fencing systems are strong and visually appealing. They can be tailored to match your house or garden style. Whether you like a more old-fashioned look or something more contemporary, we've got lots of different wood fences to pick from.

Backyard wood fencing
rail custom wood

Cable Rail Fence

Imagine fencing that doesn't get in the way of your view. That's what our cable rail fencing offers. It's all about simplicity and openness. You get to enjoy wide, clear views without big barriers blocking your sight. And don't worry about safety—it's still extremely secure. As a responsible Weston fence company, we enjoy adding stylish safety barriers in our neighborhood.

Vinyl/PVC Fencing

Wondering about having a fence that looks great and doesn't require much regular care? Say no more because that's what vinyl and PVC fencing are all about. We're the best at making these fences in Weston. Our fencing services in Weston are known for resisting fading, cracking, and warping even in the harshest weather. Plus, did we say that you get a variety of colors and designs to choose from?

PVC Arbor
chain link

Chain Link & Deer Fencing

Say goodbye to plain-looking fences with CT fence company. We help you keep your property safe with our sturdy and classy chain link and deer fences. These offer you safety against unwanted visitors, whether they're trespassers or animals. And the best part? Our fencing options are affordable and require minimal time for maintaining them.

Wrought Iron Railings

Make your place look fancy with our beautiful wrought iron railings. With these railings, you get expert skills for a flawless wrought iron railings installation process. We ensure the safety and elegance of your property without compromising the mandatory safety guidelines in Weston, CT. So, add that timeless allure with our wrought iron wailings for an extraordinary space.

wrought iron
Custom Built Garden

Custom Built Gardens

Time to step up your gardening with our cedar-raised garden beds, perfect for Weston, CT yards. These custom-built gardens are made from cedar that lasts for a long time. You can divide them up for different plants or just have one big garden bed. Plus, they look magnificent in any yard because of their warm, natural colors.

AC Unit/ Trash Enclosures

Don’t know what to do with the ugly trash bins ruining the looks of your property? We've got you covered at H&M Fence with our AC unit and trash enclosures for Weston homes. We as a Weston fence company, craft customized fences to hide things that require minimal attention. They don't just hide the mess—they look good too!

ac unit enclosure.jpg

Fencing Services We Offer in Weston, CT

Trusted Fence Contractor in Weston

H&M Fence contractors offer comprehensive fencing solutions for your Weston, CT homes and businesses. Our skillful team handles every aspect of fencing from installation to repair and maintenance with utter attention to detail.


We provide a variety of fencing options that can accommodate diverse styles and budgets. Accordingly, we specialize in installing custom gates, arbors, and pergolas to enhance outdoor spaces. We also supply high-quality fence materials and offer guidance for the successful completion of your DIY fencing projects.


Our commitment to excellence ensures exceptional results that surpass expectations. Contact us today to discuss your fencing needs and discover the H&M Fence experience.

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