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Best Custom Garden Installation Company: Elevating Outdoor Elegance

Transform your yard into an elegant botanical oasis with H&M Fence. We're the premier custom garden installation company. Our skilled artisans craft exquisite outdoor features.

Raised planter boxes? Intricate trellises and pergolas? We design and construct each element with precision. Blending functionality and aesthetic appeal seamlessly.

Trust our expertise to create your dream garden sanctuary. Tailored to your unique vision and landscape. Quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Experience the best in outdoor living. H&M Fence's custom built gardens installation elevate your property's beauty and value. Embrace nature's elegance.

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Cedar Raised Garden Beds Connecticut - for Exceptional Connecticut Gardens

Upgrade your gardening game! Our cedar raised garden beds bring convenience and style to Connecticut backyards. Built with rot-resistant western red cedar, they're made to last.

Elevate your raised garden bed soil for improved drainage and easy access - no more backbreaking bends. Create separate sections for different plants or make one large, bountiful raised planting bed. The warm, natural tones complement any landscape.

Extend your growing season with these low-maintenance beauties. Grow herbs, veggies, or vibrant flowers right at home.

Embrace sustainable gardening with our premium cedar raised garden beds. Transform your outdoor space into a flourishing oasis!


1. How to build a raised garden bed?

Use rot-resistant cedar. Build a frame with tall walls for soil depth. Lined with landscape fabric. Fill with a nutrient-rich soil mix.

2. How to keep cats out of garden beds?

Lay chicken wire over the soil. Sprinkle repellent herbs around the perimeter. Use motion-activated sprinklers or ultrasonic devices.

3. What things are required for custom-built gardens?

Expert design plans tailored to your vision. Quality materials like western red cedar. Skilled craftsmanship and precise installation. Attention to blending functionality and aesthetics.

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