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No.1 Deck Fencing Company Connecticut: Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis

Transform your deck into a stunning outdoor haven with H&M Fence – the premier deck and fence builders in Connecticut. We're experts at designing and installing breathtaking deck fence panels.

Sleek cable rails? Classic wood aesthetic? Modern aluminum flair? Our deck and fence contractors make your vision a reality. Our decks fencing panels blend style, safety, and functionality. Built for enduring beauty and minimal upkeep.

Your deck is an extension of your home. We create harmonious outdoor living spaces. Fusing quality craftsmanship with your unique style preferences.

Don't settle for less than the best. Choose the No. 1 deck and fence builder in Connecticut. H&M Fence delivers unparalleled expertise and customer service. Elevate your deck to an extraordinary outdoor oasis with our top-rated deck and fence contractors and stunning deck fence panels.

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Deck & Fence Installation/Repair: Crafting Extraordinary Decks Fencing

Elevate your outdoor living experience with H&M Fence. Our deck & fence installation and deck repair services are second to none. Created to enhance your property's beauty and functionality.

Need new decks and fences? We've got you covered. Existing ones need reviving? Our experts handle deck repair with precision. Quality materials and top-notch techniques deliver outstanding results.

From consultation to completion, we prioritize your vision. Our team crafts extraordinary outdoor spaces tailored to your lifestyle. Blending style, durability, and precise craftsmanship.

Put your best foot forward. Choose H&M Fence for top-rated deck & fence installation and deck repair services. Transform your yard into an envy-worthy retreat with our expertly built decks and fences. Prepare to fall in love with your outdoor oasis.

1. When is railing required on a deck?

Railings are required on decks that are 30 inches or higher from ground level. This is a safety regulation to prevent falls from elevated deck surfaces. H&M Fence's deck fencing panels and installations follow all local codes regarding deck railing requirements.

2. How high can a platform be without railings?

Most building codes require guardrails or handrails for platforms, landings or decks that are 30 inches or more above the adjacent ground. Anything under 30 inches typically does not require railing. H&M Fence ensures our deck installations comply with railing height requirements.

3. Deck repair & installation services and why do you need them?

Hiring professional deck repair and installation services ensures your deck is built to code using the proper materials and techniques for long-lasting performance. H&M Fence's experts handle everything from design to construction, repairs to refinishing - providing peace of mind that your outdoor oasis is safe, functional and eye-catching for years to come.


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